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Hunter Education class fills up in a day

The last post here was an announcement about a Hunter Education class CCGC member Carlton Steubing was going to hold at the Club in December. Once the date and time made it to the online course catalog at the Colorado Department of Wildlife, it took about a day and a half to fill it!

Carlton is planning more courses in January, February and March, and can probably expect the same result. The deadline for some Fall licenses is April, so if you need the Hunter Ed course, you need to keep an eye on this spot or look for a Potshots in your e-mail announcing the next offering.

Just a reminder – if you have a special interest you would be willing to share with a group of CCGC members, or if you are certified to teach NRA courses and the like, let me know. We already have an instructor who could teach several classes tomorrow if we’d let him. Send a note to me and we can try to set something up:

Hunter Ed class to be held December 13

CCGC is scheduling an Internet Based Hunter Education Class for December 13, 2014, 9:00 am – 3:00 pm. The Meeting Room and East Range will be closed to accommodate the instruction. The West Range will remain open for member/guest shooting.

The class should be posted on the CO Parks & Wildlife site within the next few days.

This class will have a limit of fifteen (15), so check often if you’re interested. Every class for this month & the next is full or filling up fast

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Board-Sponsored Training Approved!

At the Board Meeting last night, what appeared to be a relatively-short meeting ended up with a long, protracted discussion of training opportunities for members and others. The final decision to establish a training program guided by policies to be developed by the Board ended months of wavering back and forth. Club liability from problems that might occur was a major theme running through the various points discussed.

We are an NRA-sponsored club, and one activity NRA heartily supports is firearms training. It was felt by many that recruitment efforts of safe and conscientious members was undermined by making them go elsewhere to be trained in proper firearms technique. Also, many situations that result in maintenance problems may possibly be eliminated with proper training.

Board members will consult with CCGC members who are attorneys to see that a comprehensive policy is created to protect the Club to the fullest extent possible. Training is expected to begin after the new year starts. If you are a CCGC member with legal skills and would be interested in helping to develop the policy(ies), contact me at

If you would be interested in teaching firearms-related classes at the Range, contact me at the address above. Include a short biography of your shooting experience, a copy of your NRA (or other accrediting agency) certification(s) , a syllabus of the course(s) you would like to teach, and proof of liability insurance. Other information may be required from you at a later time. This is by no means an offer of employment, simply a request to gauge interest in teaching and to begin identifying a pool of instructors who are qualified to teach Board-sponsored programs.

Follow this space for more information. I will keep you apprised of what the Board has discussed as possible training topics to date. If you have a particular class or topic you think the Board should consider, contact me.

Combined General Membership & Board Meeting TONIGHT!

Last month, the Board entertained the idea of combining the General Membership (2nd Friday of the month) and the Board of Directors Meeting (last Friday of the month) into a single meeting 2nd Friday). November and December, due to the holidays, seemed like an opportune time to try out the new arrangement on a trial basis.

Tonight is the first of the two meetings. The Membership Meeting will be held first, beginning at 7:00 PM, with the Board Meeting to follow. The December meeting – Board Elections for 2015 – will be the same combined format.

All members are invited and encouraged to attend. Future firearms classes and training opportunities at the Club are only part of the agenda. Hope to see you there!

Welcome to the new CCGC website!

Welcome to the new CCGC website!

The old site served us well for two years, but we think you will enjoy this site a little better. It will also allow us to communicate with all members faster, especially through this blog. We will continue to rely on Potshots and the monthly newsletter as the other primary forms of communication with you. As a member, you have a responsibility to stay informed about CCGC and what is going on with the Club.

As web pages transfer over to the new site, you may experience some difficulty finding things you’ve seen and used in the past. I assure you – everything we had before will be available again. If you have any comments or questions, please contact me at the address below:

Michael Thomas, WebAdmin –


NRA membership compliance by CCGC members is 100% (current total 576), with a process in place to notify you and remind you to renew your membership before it lapses. This is important to maintain our insurance with NRA. Use this link: if you need to renew.


CCGC is trying to advance its ability to communicate with the membership.

It is imperative that you have an email on record with us, if at all possible. If you are receiving the newsletter, Potshots, and other Club e-mails, you do not need to do anything else until you change your e-mail address for some reason.

If you DO NOT have an e-mail address, please advise us of that also, so we are able to use other means of communicating with you. We need to know how to effectively communicate with all members in a timely manner.

You can drop a message in the Guest Fee slot on the vault door.