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Some of You Missed a Good Meeting Friday Night!

If you weren’t at the Friday night monthly meeting, you missed a couple good discussions that will affect the Club over the long term.

More details will be available later this week after the final language is done, but the Guest Fee Policy in use at the Club will change somewhat. The $10 per guest fee will remain, but for ages 17 and over. Youth 16 and under will be allowed to shoot for free. Every guest will still sign the waiver form and wear the red tag for identification purposes. A member may bring up to four (4) guests, but may only use two (2) adjacent lanes at a time, , and must remain with the guests at all times.

Board-sponsored firearms training has been a point of discussion over a year and a half at the Club, and the first major step to see it become a reality took place Friday night. After several attempts to arrive at a policy that includes instructor qualifications and outlines course requirements, a vote occurred to create a committee to work with existing data to create a training program.

The weekly schedule at the Club is booked solid Monday-Thursday evenings with Bullseye, Pin Shooting, and Youth Shooting. Weekends are partially filled in each month with Hunter Education, Airguns, 2700 matches, and the like. What is lacking for most members, especially beginners and intermediates (and their families) is an organized training program offering skill improvement taught by competent, qualified professional instructors.

A few basic criteria the Board will eventually vote to approve will likely include the course instructor being a CCGC member of good standing, have valid certifcations in the course(s) they teach, and carry liability insurance that indemnifies CCGC if a problem should occur. Also important to Board Members is that courses be open to CCGC members and their immediate families on a priority basis,

You will see more about both of these issues in the coming weeks and months in this space, in the newsletter, Potshots, and elsewhere.

Also on the docket Friday night was the acceptance of six new CCGC members. They performed admirably at their Safety Orientation last week. Please welcome Patricia and Danyel McMaster (wife and son of member Jay McMaster), John Ivy (returning after a year away), Charles Lawson, Jennifer Kunugi, and Craig Schottenstein.


CCGC Member Has Hand in Editing Book on Gun Control


Kevin Kay, CCGC member, helped edit the book for an old friend, who “handed Piers Morgan his ass when he was on his show shortly after Newtown”. The author is an attorney and FFL (plus class 3 dealer). Kevin was an editor on the project and, much to his surprise, got a credit on the Amazon listing.

The Kindle Book is selling right now on Amazon for $9.99.

Welcome to the North American Sportshow


From the show site:

How the North American Sportshow works.

The Sportshow is virtual reality event you attend on line.

You attend the show by logging in using the unique password from your ticket purchase or FREE Admission and the email address you used to register for the Sportshow.

The Sportshow has a Lobby Hall, Exhibit Halls, a Networking lounge, New Product Showcase and an Auditorium.  You move around and navigate the show by choosing the halls you want to visit.  Every Hall and Booth exhibit in the show shares a navigation bar at the bottom of your computer screen.  You can use the navigation bar to move quickly to any location in the show. The Locations choice in the Navigation Bar can take you to any hall or location in the Show. In the Exhibit Hall you will see an arrow half way up your screen page on the both the left and right hand side. Scroll over either arrow and you will move that direction in the hall. Scroll closer to the tip of the arrow to walk down the hall at a faster pace. There are many videos in the show. Videos can be replayed or turned off by clicking on the video. Every booth, in the Exhibit Hall has a tab in the upper right hand corner of the booth. You can click on the tab choices to move to the next booth, the previous booth or back to the exhibit hall.  You can also use this tab to save the booth to your Show Bag. At the bottom of every booth the Navigation Bar is available so you can go from any booth directly to any Hall in the show. There are also hyperlinks in the show that will take you to different areas or directly to an exhibitors booth.

In most booths there is a contact us button that allows you to email directly with company reps.  The navigation bar also includes a personal Show Bag for each show visitor.  It is an electronic literature bag that you can save booths you want to revisit, documents or videos in a booth, catalogs, and brochures.  Your Sportshow Show Bag saves everything you put in it until the show closes. You can access it at any time. Several times during the Show Management will place Product Sales and Special messages in your Show Bag. Check your Show Bag whenever you log in and visit the show.

Free Prize Drawings are easy to enter using the Sportshow Click to Enter feature. No one wants to fill out separate entry forms for every free drawing.  When you click on a Free Drawing Button in any Booth Exhibit a box will open showing the free drawing item.  Below the Free Drawing item you will see a box  that says “Save Free Drawing to Show Bag.”  Click on Save to Show Bag and you have automatically entered that free drawing. The Drawing is also saved to your Show Bag so you can check at any time the Free Drawings you have entered.  You can only enter each free drawing one time.  You can delete items from your Show Bag but do not delete any of the free drawings.  If you inadvertently delete a free drawing from your Show Bag the show system allows you to go back to that booth and re-enter that drawing.  Winners of Free Drawings and Giveaways will be notified by Email.


Feb. 8 Orientation Class and Tube Class Times Changed

The time for the next scheduled Member Orientation Class must be changed due to a previously-scheduled shooting match at the Club.
The orientation will begin at 6:00 pm on Sunday, February 8, instead of 2:30 pm. Let Carlton Steubing know ASAP if you can’t attend the new time.
The Rifle Tube Certification Class will be held at 4:30 pm, also on February 8. If you would like to take the class, contact Carlton and leave your phone number so he can contact you regarding your firearm and equipment.
You can reach Carlton by e-mail at: