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Rifle Tube – Start of Week 3

I will be at the club to do some work and clean up on Monday, 4/25/2016
after 09:00. Warren and Jack will be there after lunch.

With the weather forecast, I am not planning on working on the tube
Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday.  I will be at the club Friday about
09:00 and all next weekend at 09:00.

But!  We need to get a cutting torch to cut off the 3/8 inch thick by 48
inch wide plate on the back wall.  If some one has one with O2 and
acetylene available some day or night this week, I will come in.  We
need to do this before we start the final construction of the rubber
support.  Or if you have one available this weekend it would be great.
Please let me know.

Our Rubber for the backstop and the fire preventative and lead control
chemicals got delivered on last Friday.  We got the rubber inside the
fence besides the fan house and the chemicals in the shed.

We got the fan house walls sealed on Friday, the 15th, but we had weather
that caused us to lose any work over the weekend.

The week of 4/18 has been slow due to the weather at the first of the
week.  We have gotten the walls and ceiling of the target box washed and
the water sucked out. The box is dry enough to seal with ECOBOND and then
paint when we get some volunteers to do so.  We have not had many show
up this weekend.  Thanks to those who did.

We got all the ceiling, walls and floor of the fan house ECOBOND primed
and a top coat of paint on.  We got the insulation installed in
the ceiling, and the hoist and hoist beam installed.  We have sealed the
outside stoop to prevent water intrusion into the target box.  We have
just a little more painting and sealing to do this week.  We used the hoist on Sunday, 4/24, to put stuff into the box and to lift the steel deflector plate off of its hanger.  Works great.

The floor of the target box is dirt.  We have to remove 1 to 1-1/2 yards
of clean dirt (not hazardous)  from the bottom in order to make
room to put concrete on 2/3 of the floor for the rubber. The back part
under the support does not need concrete. Lifting out the dirt and pouring concrete is going to slow us down, and needs a lot of physical labor.

We still anticipate a minimum of two weeks, and possibly four weeks or
more to finish all the work and installation of the floor and walkway
concrete, new backstop, and fan and filters.  We have a lot of tasks for
volunteers to do assisting on the tube project and other club
maintenance, if we get enough people, particularly the weekends of 4/30
and 5/7.  Feel free to help, even if you just want to take photos and
make runs to the lumber yard if needed.

We need help.  Only a few guys showed up several times in the last week
and only 3 or 4 each day of the weekend.

David Burch

Rifle Tube Remodel – Resuming Work After the Storm

I dug a ditch yesterday and drained the CCGC lake by the shed.  We got
the fan house ECOBOND Primer on today.  I will put the top coat on it on
Friday and seal the outside concrete that leaks into the target box.

We got most of the target box pressure washed today except for the area
around the electric and lights which must be done by hand.  We had
plastic on the floor and sucked the water up with a shop vac so it is
not very muddy.

We have lots of stuff to do this weekend.  We could use a large fan or two if any of you have them to bring.  Not desk fans.

I will have the hoist up and running by tomorrow night.  We have some dirt
to move and lots of sealer and paint to do in the box.  I hope to get
the dirt done and the forms for the concrete done this weekend if

We also need to put the roof off the air inlet again and fix
the loose soundproofing and put in some screen wire.

I will be at the club at 08:00 Friday, Saturday and Sunday.

David Burch

Rifle Tube Remodel – After the Storm

There is a pond between the shed and the club house.  It is too muddy to
work until at least Wednesday afternoon.  I will be at the club after
noon on Wednesday and before noon on Thursday to see how it is.

My priorities as soon as it warms up over 50 and stays there for a
while,  is to get the fan house ECOBOND primer sprayed  on and the top
coat of glossy paint sprayed on.  I will then get the beam secured for
the hoist and the hoist hung.

Next is to get the walls and ceiling of the target box washed and the
water sucked out so it can dry faster.  I will need someone to suit up
and do this for me.  I have suits in the vault with hoods and feet
included and gloves and respirators for all the washing and any
hazardous material removal in the tube for who ever does it.

We need to remove some more dirt from the target box, but it is just
dirt and not hazmat once we get the water out..  We can scatter it
around the field and fill some low spots.

David Burch

Rifle Tube Remodel – Week 2

I am not planning on any work in the tube Monday, 4/18 (tax day) or
Tuesday, 4/19,  and may wait until later in the week while the mud dries up some.
We would be tracking it into the club as we went back and forth to the
shed and fan house.  Plus, there may be another impulse of rain and snow
Monday night depending on which forecast you follow.

I will go Tuesday night and look and do some more calculations on what
dirt we still need to move.

— David Burch

Rifle Tube Remodel – Day 5

There is no reason for anyone to fight the weather;  I am canceling the work this weekend.  Stay home and beat the snow out of your trees so they don’t fall down.

I will be trying to do some stuff off and on this week.  If you want to
come and help, contact me to be sure I will be there as I have several
personal things i need to do on a couple of mornings..

The rubber is scheduled to be arriving at the tucking company yard today.
If he came over the mountains, I doubt it.  The dispatcher said they
would call me Monday to arrange delivery next week.

i had several helpers today and finished getting the fan house walls and
floors sealed, all the cracks and seams in the roof and floor sealed and
spacer foam installed in the roof to replace the removed insulation (to
keep the metal from acting like a drum).  It is ready to spray on the
ECOBOND LBP and top coat when it warms up.

David Burch

Rifle Tube Remodel – Day 4

Thursday night update.  4/14/21016  Look for the update due to weather on Friday night and before you come on Saturday if you plan to do so.

We are behind my hoped schedule but doing OK.  It is all volunteer labor
from here on and most of us are over the age of 29 and not as fast as we
used to be.

Today Bill B. and one other helped me  got the fan house partially
caulked and one and one-half walls sealed on the inside.  The DryLock
sealant is soaking into the block wall and we used two gallons today for
abut 150 sq. ft.  I will get 5 gallons more Friday morning.  I hope to
get the rest of the cleaning, caulking and sealing done on Friday and
maybe the  coat of ECOBOND LBP primer on if I get some help.  I got the
spray nozzles for the ECOBOND.

We also got the beam for the hoist picked up by Curt Lackey and cut and
just stuffed in the ceiling.  I also hope to get it nailed down on
Friday.  Not a  hard job.  Just one of many.

We have not gotten the  ceiling and walls of the box washed yet.

It looks like the sky gremlins are going to do us in for most of the
weekend.  We will try for Saturday morning and I am not going to plan to
be there Sunday unless the storm goes completely away. Sunday is not a
work day on the Tube!

There is a normal work party scheduled for Saturday in addition to any
thing we can do with the tube.  But if the alarmist weather people are
correct, we will start getting heavy snow in the morning to noon time
Saturday and last through Sunday.

I will be there at 08:00 on Saturday, but if it starts snowing heavy we
will shut down and go home.

We have some indoor projects we can do Saturday.  If I can’t get someone
to get the box pressure washed on Friday, that is the biggest.  I have
hooded coveralls with booties for someone to wear and do it.  That way
we can let it start drying out.  Someone or ones can suit up and mask
up and clean the debris around the chronos.

The steel plate on the back wall is warped and too long.  If some one
has a torch with 20 ft hoses, we can put the bottles in the shed and
drop the hose down the hole and just cut it off in place without having
to move the 200# plus plate.  This needs to  happen before we start the
construction down there.

The Rubber was just shipped today from  Mira Loma, CA (east of Los
Angeles).  Should be an interesting trip for them through the
mountains.  We don’t know when it will get here for sure.

David Burch

Rifle Tube Remodel – Day 3

MT2 has removed all the debris (600-800 pounds of lead & paper powder) and the fan and duct work from the rifle tube fan house.  They removed 36,000 pounds of dirt and debris from the backstop to fill three roll-offs.  They ran out of room (weight) for the roll-offs and still have some dirt to move.

The box has a dirt floor, so we have to concrete it first.  That will slow things down.  Who are good concrete persons?

MT2 also power washed the fan house.   I hope to get the target box power washed tonight or tomorrow morning depending on my energy and help.

We can seal the fan house and start the prime and paint tomorrow.  We will have to wait a day or two on the target box.

Our Rubber will hopefully make it in on Friday.

There is  a large 3/8 in thick plate hanging on the back wall.  It got warped by  what I guess was a .50 BMG hit or two.  It will interfere with the rubber support.  We need to remove it and either straighten it out (not much chance) or turn it over and drill new holes and reinstall it.  We need it in case someone does skip the rubber and hits really high.  It probably weighs 220+ pounds so will  need some strong minds.

It looks like it will be too cold and wet to do much outside or any paint Saturday and Sunday.  But we can get the dirt in the box moved and ready for the concrete.  We can get the plate moved.  Some one can suit up and clean the area under the chrono’s and sound baffles.  We can do lots of other small stuff.  I will be here Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday at 08:00  So show up if you can.

We can get the plans finalized for the fan box.–

David Burch


Rifle Tube Remodel – Day 1

MT2 got all of the wood, fan and motor and 98% of the dust out of the
fan house today.  Roll-offs are supposed to arrive sometime after 07:00
tomorrow and the big Vac truck sometime tomorrow hopefully.  We can now
start the design of the fan house fan, filters and duct work.  The
interior of the fan house definitely must be sealed prior to any work

The rubber and chemicals have been shipped and arrive Friday.

We will know more after they get to the bottom of the tube box. That
determines the timing of the project.

Weather may slow us down this weekend.

David Burch