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Rifle Tube is Now Open! New Orientation Schedule is Released

Rifle Tube is Open as of 7/23/2016 to all who have gone through the new orientation.

 There has been a delay in getting the online orientation started.

 If you want to start shooting again soon, please attend one of the orientations at the club in person. These take about 45 minutes to an hour depending on questions. We will give them every hour on the hour at the times listed below.

 If you plan to shoot in the tube at these times then plan on having a one half hour interruption each hour during these time for others to get their orientations done.

 Saturday, 7/30/2016:             08:00 to 14:00
Sunday,    7/31/2016:              09:00 to 14:00
Monday, 8/1/2016:                17:00 to 21:00
Saturday, 8/6/2016:              08:00 to 14:00
Saturday, 8/13/2016:           13:00 to 17:00
Sunday,    8/14/2016:            09:00 to 14:00

Questions?  Contact David Burch

Rifle Tube Re-opening Plan

After three months of hard work by a few members, we have the Rifle Tube ready to re-open, starting this Saturday, 7/23/2016.

The Tube now has an improved bullet trap/ backstop, improved lighting, ventilation system with filters, a video system for the targets, and many other small improvements.

All current Tube-qualified  members must either attend an orientation at the Club or review all the old and new rules and procedures and answer some questions before your access to the tube will be turned back on.  This WILL NOT require a shooting test.

Members who are not currently qualified  to shoot in the Rifle Tube must schedule to do this orientation in person, plus do the shooting portion when they request to be qualified, as is the procedure now.

I have been very busy trying to get the Tube done and do not have the written orientation and questions ready to post online ready. This will happen next week. Once you have read the procedures and answered the questions and replied back to the Tube address, expect 24-48 hours before your badge is turned back on. I will send another message out when the online process is active. The reply address for this will will be at a different email address than mine.  

Come to the on-site days if you want to get access soonest.

The on-site orientation will take 20-30 minutes to cover the rules and physically show you how to use the video system and the new target backstop system. If you do the online it will take as long as you need.  But the on-line will only have the written instructions for the video system and links to the vendor’s site.

We will be doing orientations at the Club this Saturday and Sunday (7/23 and 7/24) from 08:00 to 17:00.

We will be doing orientations at the club on Saturdays (7/30 & 8/6) from 09:00 to 13:00. If enough members show interest, this time may run later.

We will be doing orientations at the club Monday nights  (7/25 & 8/1) from  17:00.  to 21:00

After that it will be online or by special request and availability of a trainer or the online one.

David Burch

Rifle Tube – Reopens Saturday!

The rifle Tube opens Saturday morning, 7/23/2016.   Every tube shooting
member will have to either attend an orientation or read the new info
online and send me a message saying that they have read it to get their
badge turned back on for door access.

I will give in-person orientations Saturday and Sunday from 08:00 to
17:00 or so.   So if you come in person, I will sign you off. Otherwise,
it will be into next week before I can guarantee that I will have the
stuff posted online.

I am still working on the updated rules and policies for the tube
shooting  and getting help from the Bill’s, Bierbach and Spinuzzi.  I
have not had time to get a start on the signage yet either.

I have the camera bullet stop plate drilled and just need to make
hangers and get it up.  There is not much being done in the shooting
room except new signs and cleaning up.  We need to get the air cut-off
handle marked and pinned so everyone just does not play with it.

We still need to finish the target hanger.  We decided on setting up
the targets to hang 60 inch wide by 36 high cardboard.  This
leaves space to move between the stanchions to shovel the rubber.  It
works well with the camera with a 43 in wide by 30 inch high field of
view for the targets.

The camera system is in place and working fantastically.  Hack shooters
like me and probably most of the pro’s will love it.  We had to change
all the lamp holders for the target lights.  Between the white paint on
the walls and ceiling and the re-positioned and new lights, the targets
are really easy to see with both the camera and the scopes.  We have
fired .450 Bushmaster (Socom), .30-06, .308 and .223.  They all show up
great and, with the camera, you can really see the .223 in the black on
the targets now.

We videoed the rubber last night shooting a .223 and a .308.  It is
interesting to watch the rubber jump and bounce.  We will have to see
how much it moves and how fast to decide when we need to shovel.  As
much went up as went down.  It is a nine minute video for 10 shots and a
very big (1 GB) file.  I can show it to anyone at the club but am
looking for an edit program for MP4 files to just cut out that part.

We have done sound test at the fan house and from 100 yards; all are
less than 60 dB on the fire access road.  When we were doing the .450
shots, the two kids that road past me on bicycles were 66 dB.  I am
calling that good and will need some help to move the chemicals and
rubber in to the building.

I will be at the club this Thursday and Friday from 08:00 until after
lunch sometime, and  Saturday and Sunday, 08:00 to 17:00  If any of you
come in I will get the orientation quickly done for you.  You can also
critique it.  We will get badges turned on after next Monday (Bill Spinuzzi will be out of town)

Hope to see you this weekend.

Here is a video of the camera display doing a “Show Shot” of before and
after shooting 5 rounds of .308 that shows the rubber movement if you
are interested..

I will send out more info in the next day or so.

David Burch

Rifle Tube – Initial Noise Levels Look Good; Minor Tasks Left to Finish

The fan house is finished and up and running.  No more outside work at
this time until after we do the last of the sound tests. We will then
move the additional rubber and chemicals into it for storage.

We did ten shots of a .308 at 25 yards in the tube and the noise levels
outside the fan house were very low, 58 dB at the road on the south
side.  We did 5 shots from a .30-06 at 100 yards and you could
hardly hear it and it was less than ambient noise (would not move the
meter at 50 dB), so all the duct work and sound proofing is working.
The rubber shows that it was hit but not much movement.

We got the shelf  and power outlet for the video camera installed and
tested the router.  We need to make a mount for the camera and get it
located.  Then we can locate and mount the bullet deflector after we get
the mount built.

We still have to decide on what we are doing for the bottom part of the
target hangers.  The targets cannot move or the camera system will not
work correctly.

We still have some clean up and repairs in the shooting room and
positions.  We need to add a couple of electrical plugs above the
shooting doors.  We have to finish the cleanup in the tube at the wall
and chronographs.

I will be out of town until at least Thursday night.  (this might run
into Friday due a relative’s health).  I will plan to be at the club at
10:00 on Friday and 08:00 on Saturday and Sunday unless I send out a
message otherwise.  I will have to leave Sunday around 11:00 due to a
family commitment.  (Take visiting grandson to the Tanner Gun Show).  I
hope we can get most of it done.  I will be available the next week
before opening to finish up as needed.

Please let me know if you will be coming to assist.

I am working on the updated Rifle Tube Orientation and will have
everyone do it online.  All the volunteers who have worked are welcome
to come and go through what I will send out soon to see if it works and
then do some test shots.  If you have a Go-Pro that is charged and ready
to go, bring it so we can record what the rubber is doing for movement
please.  We also want to get the noise levels for a variety of caliber

David Burch

Rifle Tube – Long List of Last-Minute Tasks

We are getting close thanks to a lot of repeat helpers.  The rubber is in.  The fan, filters and duct work are installed and we seem to have the proper amount of air flow.  We have
the variable pulley on the motor at its lowest setting, so we can easily
increase the airflow if needed.

Bill Spinuzzi got the tablet mounts installed in the shooting room for
the camera system.

Warren has almost finished the air inlet vent shut off.  He still may
need help in Finishing the target holder supports at the bottom.

Do any of you have a Go-pro camera we could use to record the rubber in
the box while we do test shots to see how it bounces? Also, if any of
you have a wind meter, we might try to measure the airflow in the tube?

We need to:

– Finish closing the door on the fan house and install a shutter on it and
a door sill and seals to keep the weather out.  Not a bit job but time

– Install a shelf for the power supply and router for the camera.

– Install a power box for the router and camera

– Locate and install the camera.

– Finish fabricating the mount for the errant bullet deflector for the
camera and install it.

– Install the hangers for the shovels and rake at the target box.

– Finish smoothing the dirt in the tube at the end of the concrete.

– Refurbish and add mounts for the 25 and 50 yard crutches.

– Refurbish the rifle racks at the  25 and 50 yard crutches.

– Clean up more of the loose soundproofing debris a the shooting end of
the tube.

– Work on Replacing the shooting door/hole panels and cleaning up the
sound baffles and securing all the loose wire and pieces.

– Install the hour meter for the fan.

– Add additional outlets in the shooting room for the tablets.

– Clean up and spruce up the shooting room.

– Do test shots and audio level recordings.  Also to see what we need to
plan on for taking care of the rubber for our new procedures.

– Lots of small stuff and not all may get done now.  And probably some I

We should be close to setting an opening day in the next couple
of weeks.  I don’t want to just do it and not have things done we could

I will be there at 08:00 Thursday, Friday and Saturday.  Please let me
know if you are going to be able to come and help.   I have family
commitments and will be packing and out of town ,  Sunday through Thursday.

David Burch

Rifle Tube – Third Month of a One Month Project

Who would have thought we would be in the third month of a one month

We got the fan assembled, installed and tested today.   We have to
remove the fan again (we made it easy to do if just heavy) to get access
to finish the box and dump in the rubber and then put it back in and
seal the final duct panels. (a couple of hours). The Fan house is 95%
complete.  This fan really sucks.  (as in it moves lots of air)

IF we have a good day on Friday, we should be ready to dump in rubber by
the end of the day or early Saturday.  We have 8000 # or 160 each 50 #
bags to move on Saturday.  The more helpers we have, the faster it will
go. If we don’t get enough help, then I will try to hire some from the
food kitchen at the church from across the street.  I hope to have it
done this weekend.

Once the rubber is in, we will put the fan and filters in and have quite
a few little projects to finish up.  The target camera is in and we have
the display tablets to install this weekend.

Again.  HELP.  Please Let me know if you can come Friday, Saturday or
Sunday for the big finale if you have not already done so.

We are getting close to the end of the project.  Then we can start
fixing what needs changing and some of the other projects but the tube
will be open.

David Burch