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Guns & Ammo Offers Free Issue Online in December

Guns & Ammo Free Preview
Guns & Ammo Free Preview

DENVER, Colo. -( Guns & Ammo, one of the nation’s leading firearms magazines and the most popular title within Outdoor Sportsman Group Publishing’s top-tier list of outdoor lifestyle publications, will offer its December issue free of charge online from December 12 – January 9, 2018.

Guns & Ammo boasts more than 11 million readers – with 29.7 readers per copy – more readers than any other firearms or outdoor lifestyle publication as measured by MediaMark Research and Intelligence (MRI).

Guns & Ammo magazine is one of 15 industry-leading publications from Outdoor Sportsman Group, which caters to a collective audience of more than 30 million total readers.

The free December issue will include the highly-anticipated “2017 Guns & Ammo of the Year” awards and a first-look at the new Smith & Wesson M&P9 M2.0 Compact, Shield and M360 lightweight revolver.

Other features include: “Winchester’s Deer Season XP,” “The Concealed Carry Seat Belt Conundrum” and “Meet NovX,” the revolutionary stainless steel/aluminum/polymer hybrid ammunition, as well as other engaging articles.

“We are excited about offering a free and timely preview of Guns & Ammo for the holidays,” Outdoor Sportsman Group Publishing Chief Operating Officer, Mike Carney said. “Whether you are new to the shooting sports or a seasoned participant, this issue previews exciting product launches for 2018 and details our best-of-the-best picks from all the new guns we covered over the year. The free issue is only available for a limited time online, so head over to and enjoy some compelling shooting sports coverage during your holiday break.”

For information and the opportunity to view your free version of Guns & Ammo visit their website.

General Member/Board Meeting this Friday Night

I just put out a call this morning for Agenda items for Friday night’s General Member/Board Meeting. Haven’t seen anything yet, but suspect the meeting will be like the last several months – GOOD!
I can guess at some of the topics we will discuss, including shotgun slugs and bow use at the Club. Issues like these are important to all members and how they use the Club. Be a part of the decisions the Board makes on behalf of the members.
Also, this Friday night is Election Night for Board members for 2018. It will be a bit anti-climactic, what with two members leaving and two members stepping forward. If you haven’t read them yet, short bios and position statements are in the newsletter you received a few days ago. Refreshments will be provided by Bill Spinuzzi and his lovely wife, Teri.