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2019 to See Some Things Stay the Same, Other Things Change

Current members of the CCGC Board of Directors for 2018 were re-elected to serve another year by acclimation at the General Membership/Board Meeting last night, December 14. At the Board Meeting following the General Meeting, all executive officers retained their positions, and the other Board members agreed to continue in their roles, with a few minor changes.

Heavy emphasis will be placed on members’ work parties in 2019 to make improvements at the Club. Members are reminded the $60 in fees they recently paid as part of their membership renewal can be earned back with just a few hours of work.

Members will probably notice more information aimed at recruiting CCGC members in the new year. The numbers updated in the newsletter each month tell the story:

Membership Numbers

19 – Life
2 – Life Female
70 – Emeritus
57 – 70 + Years Old
270 – Regular
4 – Regular Female
22 – Regular Family
1 – Regular Family Female
24 – Spouse Family Female
3 – Dependent Family
4 – Dependent Family Female
479 Members

Current Membership Age Breakdown

100 – 90 =3
89 – 80 = 17
79 – 70 = 58
69 – 60 = 122
59 – 50 = 131
49 – 40 = 109
39 – 30 = 30
29 – 20 = 4
19-younger 5

CCGC is NOT a young club, by any stretch, and must rely on younger members being recruited to maintain itself. The Board has discussed many ways to recruit new members, but wants to do it while maintaining the Club’s current level of standards, hence the background checks, new member orientations, and guest waivers that are in place, to name a few.

Full details will be printed in the January 2019 newsletter (expected in your e-mail around New Years Day) regarding a trial training program that was approved by the Board. “First Steps,” an NRA-approved pistol program will be presented the last Sundays of January, February and March, 9 am – 1 pm, for CCGC members and their families. Cost at this time appears to be $39.95 per person, and will feature two hours of classroom instruction and two hours of range time. Watch for the newsletter for full details.

Finally, many members knew of the CCGC Facebook page, but most members didn’t visit it. Over a 13-month period, beginning in November 2017, the page received a total of 90 likes and only about 500 visits. The page was intended to feature articles and photos uploaded by members, but that never happened, so support has been suspended and this site will see more frequent updates, instead.

If you are a person who makes New Year’s Resolutions, keep the Club in mind, and resolve to do what you can to make it better. Attend meetings, visit the web site, take training, help out at work parties, or ……… Above all, SHOOT! Take advantage of your 24/7/365 access, but check the calendar each month, too, for special opportunities to improve your skills.

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