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Board of Directors, other Member Changes


The CCGC Board of Directors underwent a slight change last night at the annual elections. Re-elected to the Board were Jim Bailey, John Buglovsky, Tom DeHerrera, Jack Orischak, Jack Priest, Mike Thomas, and Gary Trisdale, New faces on the Board are Sandy Rudolph and Carlton Steubing.

Approved for Emeritus Membership were Donald Douglas and Joan Covel, Both met the requirements of 65 years of age and 15 years as a member for the designation.

Membership expanded with the acceptance of six new members. When you see them at the Club, welcome John Bires, Steven and Jennifer Forrester, Michelle Hernandez, Michael Mandel, and Dick Rouse.

CCGC closes 2014 with 586 members, of which 354 have already renewed for 2015. There have only been six resignations this far.

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