Board-Sponsored Training Approved!

At the Board Meeting last night, what appeared to be a relatively-short meeting ended up with a long, protracted discussion of training opportunities for members and others. The final decision to establish a training program guided by policies to be developed by the Board ended months of wavering back and forth. Club liability from problems that might occur was a major theme running through the various points discussed.

We are an NRA-sponsored club, and one activity NRA heartily supports is firearms training. It was felt by many that recruitment efforts of safe and conscientious members was undermined by making them go elsewhere to be trained in proper firearms technique. Also, many situations that result in maintenance problems may possibly be eliminated with proper training.

Board members will consult with CCGC members who are attorneys to see that a comprehensive policy is created to protect the Club to the fullest extent possible. Training is expected to begin after the new year starts. If you are a CCGC member with legal skills and would be interested in helping to develop the policy(ies), contact me at

If you would be interested in teaching firearms-related classes at the Range, contact me at the address above. Include a short biography of your shooting experience, a copy of your NRA (or other accrediting agency) certification(s) , a syllabus of the course(s) you would like to teach, and proof of liability insurance. Other information may be required from you at a later time. This is by no means an offer of employment, simply a request to gauge interest in teaching and to begin identifying a pool of instructors who are qualified to teach Board-sponsored programs.

Follow this space for more information. I will keep you apprised of what the Board has discussed as possible training topics to date. If you have a particular class or topic you think the Board should consider, contact me.

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