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CCGC is Active as the New Year Approaches

The newsletter for December is coming together nicely, and will be e-mailed to members in a few days.
The caliber map is included again so you can be sure the bullets you’re shooting are SAFE, and don’t do any damage to the range.
Don’t forget the Concealed Carry class December 3rd! It’s advertised below. This may be the last chance to take it for a while – I doubt it’s going to be a monthly offering.
We have a full slate of candidates for the Board of Directors for 2018. We had two resignations, but had new people step up to take their places. Short bios and statements of goals for the club are in the newsletter so you can learn a little more about them.
Finally (for now!), members have inquired about changing club policies to allow shotguns and bows on the ranges. A detailed set of policies is provided for you to get a handle on shooting shot slugs (NO pellets or shot) in the Rifle Tube. We are taking comments and the Board will make a decision early next year.
I’ve heard the arguments about CCGC being a GUN club, so I won’t argue bows here, other than to say a lot of members shoot them and might be able to shoot them at the club, too, without interfering with pistol shooters. An opportunity for feedback will be provided on this issue, too.

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