Gunsmithing Tutorial by CCGC Member Steve Locatelli Is Worth a Look

CCGC member Steve Locatelli has shared a gunsmithing tutorial on the website for those interested in cross-checkering the frontstrap on a 1911. The address:

Steve contacted me several weeks ago and sent me to a web forum to look at the project, including a set of step-by-step photos. I immediately wanted it for the website, and Steve graciously worked on formatting it for display. I sure hope you like it, and I’m sure Steve does, too. Thank him when you see him at the Club.

As CCGC gears up for more and more training, we will be seeking similar items from other sources, including members. This is a good way to contribute your expertise without actually teaching a class. Drop me a line if you think you may have something.

Thanks, Steve, great job on the tutorial!

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