If you missed the CCGC Meeting last Friday, you missed quite a night. We inducted five new members who will enhance our membership, but the Board also made a few decisions that impact everyone in a positive way. Let’s recap….

  1. The 4th Annual BBQ/Swap Meet will be held from 11 am-4 pm next Sunday, September 20. This year, the food is free – bring your family and enjoy the delicious options organizers have in mind. Make up your mind quick, though, because today is the deadline to RSVP with Jack Orischak.
  2. Today, right now, is the second Sunday of the month. As such, it is also now Free Day at the range for women. Unless another activity pre-empts the ranges, each CCGC member may bring a woman to shoot free the second Sunday of the month. The shooter must still sign the waiver in the tray by the front door, but just write “FREE DAY” on the waiver before you put in the slot on the vault door.
  3. The Board has yet to define an official policy regarding firearms classes and training at the Club, but a decision was made to conduct two classes on a trial basis. Brett Denison, CCGC member and NRA instructor, will teach a Range Safety Officer (RSO) course and a Refuse To Be A Victim course in the near future. Neither course requires use of the range.

The RSO Course is 8-9 hours in length, and will cost CCGC members $50 per person, including materials. RSO’s are the members currently conducting the Club’s Safety Orientation and Tube Orientation.

Refuse To Be A Victim is a course that stresses personal awareness and self-defense. It will last approximately four hours at a cost of $25 per person, including materials.

Watch for more details in The Firing Line, in another Potshots, and/or right here. To see a trailer of the course, click the link below.

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