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To become a member of CCGC, you must:

1. Be a current member of NRA;
2. Apply for membership in CCGC;
3. Pass the background check;
4. Complete the required safety course.

If you wish to use the 100-yard rifle tube, you must also pass the tube qualification.

What's the process?

Download and print the application using the link below. Fill the application out completely and submit it together with payment for fees at any regularly scheduled Board meeting (usually the last Friday of each month). The application will be processed and the background check performed.

This file is in .pdf format. You must use Adobe Acrobat Reader(R) or the equivalent to open it. If you need the Reader, you may download a copy from this address. Right-click the link and 'Save As' to download the file.

CCGC Membership Application (May 2015)

CCGC By-Laws (February 2015)
Note: The online version supercedes the printed version in every case.

If all is well, you will be invited to attend the next General Meeting (usually the second Friday of each month) for consideration. If you are unable to attend that meeting, you may attend the following month's meeting. At the General Meeting, the members will meet you and consider your application and a vote will be taken; a 2/3 yes vote is required for acceptance.

Once accepted, you must complete the Safety and Proficiency class, which takes 1 - 1 1/2 hours and is given by our Safety Officers immediately following the meeting. Thereafter you will receive your key and access card and are welcome to use the Club's facilities.

If you wish to use the 100-yard rifle tube, you must also complete the Tube Qualification process; details will be given to you at the time of your induction.

If for some reason your application membership is denied all funds, less the non-refundable application fee, will be returned as quickly as possible.

How does renewal work?

Renewal forms will be mailed out in September and must be returned by December 31st. Renewal memberships are for the entire calendar year. If for some reason you do not receive a renewal form, you must contact a CCGC staff member to ensure that your renewal is returned before the December 31 deadline.

HB 13-1224, the magazine capacity restrictions law passed in the last State Assembly, has prompted a petition drive to gain its repeal. You can sign the petition at one of several gun stores and other outlets all over the state. Check the link below for locations.

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ALL club members are reminded they are now required to  wear their key card on their outermost garment
while in the clubhouse. There are NO EXCEPTIONS to this rule. Clip-on card holders are available in the
Waiver/Firing Line holder just inside the second door

nra_renewYou can join the NRA or renew your membership just by clicking the NRA logo to the left.
Right now, your one-year membership through this link will be discounted by $10*.

All CCGC members must be NRA members, and joining through this link helps support the club and its activities.

* As of March 30, 2008. The discount is offered by the NRA and is subject to change at any time without notice.