We want you!
As a member of the Cherry Creek Gun Club,
YOU have a responsibility to become involved!!


CCGC is the only 24-7 gun range in the metro area, and for the serious shooter, is a very good alternative to normal shooting ranges. As members, however, we all owe much more than just paying our dues and coming to shoot.
As the Web Administrator, I see the web page as one of the three main avenues of communi-cation with CCGC members – along with the monthly newsletter and member attendance at General and Board meetings.

One of the easiest ways members can get involved with CCGC is via the website. It also doesn’t take a major time commitment to be involved, since I can do most of the work for you. Here’s how I see it…

  • We have approximately 600 members in the Club, but only about 75 are registered to use the members’ section of the website. The main attraction, to me, is the newsletter archive, going back to 2003.

    If you are NOT registered, all you need to do is send me the user i.d. and password you would like to use. I’ll set you up, notify you by e-mail, and you are ready to go. Yeah, that simple!

    UPDATE: At the Board Meeting June 28, the decision was made to NOT send mail copies of the CCGC newsletter to those members without an e-mail address on file. This information is never shared outside the club. In short, you either need to be a member with a log-in user i.d. OR have an e-mail on-file in order to receive this important communication.

  • Once you access the website, you’ll see some holes I’d like to see filled. The Club has been around since the 1930’s, and I’m sure CCGC published newsletters before 2003.

    If you have newsletters in ANY format, printed, computerized, or hand-written on a napkin, send them to me so I can expand our archives. I can scan, re-format, convert, or whatever it takes to get them online.

  • Photographs are almost non-existent on the site. I know many of you have taken photos over the years and have some interesting stories you might like to share with the photos. This is a time for self-promotion if there ever was one.

  • We have a bulletin board on the wall by the front door. It’s filled with note cards and scraps of paper with members offering to sell, or buy, various products.

    Did you know there is a section of the website to do the same thing? The major difference is you don’t have to leave the comfort of your home to go to the Club to see what is on the market.

    That’s a definite plus for some of our members who don’t make it to the Club as often as they might like. I’m talked with a number of members who have successfully bought or sold something from the board – let’s extend that success to the website!

  • Being as retired teacher, I firmly believe you should never stop learning, no matter what it is you are doing.

    I am currently working on a NEW section of the website entitled SKILL DEVELOPMENT. I will do a lot of the legwork for you, but my goal is to provide links to articles, videos, websites, and more that has the potential to make you a better shooter.

    I was good when I got out of the Army in the mid-70’s, but was amazed how much re-training I needed when I picked up a gun again for serious shooting after several decades had passed.

    Some of us never learned the correct way to do things, some of us have forgotten, and some of us just need to be reminded once in a while. This is especially true with firearms safety and range etiquette.

    If EACH member sent just ONE tip to me about an aspect of shooting that is important to them, I could fill pages on the website with good information for all members. I DARE YOU – JUST TRY IT!

These are just a few ways you can become involved in CCGC that don’t take a lot of time and effort, if that’s what you feel you’re lacking. If you can give more, I’m sure there are ways to accomplish it. JUST DO IT!!
Send your info and questions to: webadmin@cherrycreekgunclub.org

Mike Thomas
Database Manager/Web Administrator