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News Briefs – Meeting Updates

The CCGC Board of Directors has voted to revise its meeting schedule. Continuing a trial begun in November 2014, the General Membership and Board of Director Meetings will now be held the same evening, the second Friday of each month. An attempt was made to change the evening of the Board Meeting, and other attempts to maintain the two-night-a-month schedule of meetings, to no avail. The format for meetings will be published in the February issue of The Firing Line.

Maintenance at the Club will be coordinated by Jack Orischak and Jack Priest. Contact them if you are interested in helping with projects at the Club and earning back some of the fees you paid to the Club. Security cameras, target carrier maintenance, and installing energy-saving fixtures are just a few of the projects now underway. We know many members have skills that could benefit the Club, and invite you to help make the Club better.

Hunter Education has taken off in a big way at CCGC, and has filled much of the calendar for Winter and Spring. On days classes are running, the Meeting Room and East Range are reserved, but the West Range and the Rifle Tube are still open and available for use. Most are held on Saturdays – check the calendar.

New members will now undergo a New Member Orientation prior to being inducted at the monthly meeting, instead of staying after the meeting. This orientation will be a time agreed upon by a Safety Officer and the New Member.  The first new member (actually a returning member) felt the program was worthwhile and very thorough.

Finally, a few reminders of some rules that are being overlooked at the Club:

1) CCGC has a no-tolerance NO SMOKING policy. Smoking is banned anywhere in the building – meeting room, ranges, tube, or vault. Violators will be invited to visit with the Board and explain themselves, with punishment as outlined in the By-Laws.

2) CCGC rules state that ONLY paper and cardboard targets may be shot on the ranges, without prior approval for certain programs. A recent incident at the Club brought this issue to the front, and also included one member shooting across two lanes at a target, another violation of at least Common Sense.

3) There has been an increase in Magnum brass in the barrels. All of it is NOT being shot on Position 20, where it should be. Added to the list of cartridges that are NOT allowable on the pistol ranges are the CF Bottlenecks. A full list of what you can shoot where will be published again in the newsletter next month.

Meetings, at least from my standpoint, have been getting better and better each month. If you haven’t been to a meeting lately, take one evening a month and see what’s going on at YOUR gun club. This space, Potshots, or The Firing Line can’t do justice to sitting in a meeting listening to the discussion regarding how your club operates.

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