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The February 2019 edition of The Firing Line will be coming to your inbox this week, along with the February-July 2019 calendars. Just a few highlights you might miss:

Hunter Education training is going on nearly every weekend in February and March. The training includes everything you need to know to hunt in Colorado, and also features a short session on the firing range.

Ladies Shoot Free on the 2nd Sunday of each month has been changed to Ladies Shoot Free EVERY Sunday, effective immediately. You must still sign a guest safety waiver and put it in the slot in the vault door. The standard rule still applies: one guest per member, and member must monitor the guest’s shooting while on the range.

First Step Pistol training is being presented on a trial basis. There is no report from yesterday’s session yet, but the last Sundays of February and March are still available. The cost is $40 per person, with a class size limit of 8 shooters. Each class will include two hours of classroom and two hours on the range. Check the newsletter for instructions on how to register for a future session.

With recent membership renewals nearing 90%, it is time to remind members that part of the paid fees can be earned back simply by attending a Work Session at the Club and working on necessary maintenance tasks. Contact Dave Burch or Warren Johnston to get started.

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