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In 1988, the National Rifle Association set out on a mission to protect children from accidents involving firearms. Since then, the Eddie Eagle GunSafe® Program has reached nearly 28 million children.

Today, I’m pleased to unveil a new Eddie and his friends—the Wing Team. Eddie and the Wing Team remain dedicated to keeping children safe, but we’ve modernized the program to keep up with today’s digital trends and expectations.

We’ve also launched a brand new kid-friendly website that encourages children and parents to explore Eddie Eagle’s message together. We hope the new Eddie video and accompanying resources will open a dialogue in families nationwide about a subject that is paramount to our children’s safety. Visit www.eddieeagle.com to learn more.

Please help us in spreading this exciting news far and wide. This new milestone for Eddie Eagle is your victory as a member of the National Rifle Association. Thank you for helping us create something truly special that is going to save lives.



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