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Rifle Tube – Initial Noise Levels Look Good; Minor Tasks Left to Finish

The fan house is finished and up and running.  No more outside work at
this time until after we do the last of the sound tests. We will then
move the additional rubber and chemicals into it for storage.

We did ten shots of a .308 at 25 yards in the tube and the noise levels
outside the fan house were very low, 58 dB at the road on the south
side.  We did 5 shots from a .30-06 at 100 yards and you could
hardly hear it and it was less than ambient noise (would not move the
meter at 50 dB), so all the duct work and sound proofing is working.
The rubber shows that it was hit but not much movement.

We got the shelf  and power outlet for the video camera installed and
tested the router.  We need to make a mount for the camera and get it
located.  Then we can locate and mount the bullet deflector after we get
the mount built.

We still have to decide on what we are doing for the bottom part of the
target hangers.  The targets cannot move or the camera system will not
work correctly.

We still have some clean up and repairs in the shooting room and
positions.  We need to add a couple of electrical plugs above the
shooting doors.  We have to finish the cleanup in the tube at the wall
and chronographs.

I will be out of town until at least Thursday night.  (this might run
into Friday due a relative’s health).  I will plan to be at the club at
10:00 on Friday and 08:00 on Saturday and Sunday unless I send out a
message otherwise.  I will have to leave Sunday around 11:00 due to a
family commitment.  (Take visiting grandson to the Tanner Gun Show).  I
hope we can get most of it done.  I will be available the next week
before opening to finish up as needed.

Please let me know if you will be coming to assist.

I am working on the updated Rifle Tube Orientation and will have
everyone do it online.  All the volunteers who have worked are welcome
to come and go through what I will send out soon to see if it works and
then do some test shots.  If you have a Go-Pro that is charged and ready
to go, bring it so we can record what the rubber is doing for movement
please.  We also want to get the noise levels for a variety of caliber

David Burch

Author Since: Nov 14, 2014

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