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Rifle Tube – Long List of Last-Minute Tasks

We are getting close thanks to a lot of repeat helpers.  The rubber is in.  The fan, filters and duct work are installed and we seem to have the proper amount of air flow.  We have
the variable pulley on the motor at its lowest setting, so we can easily
increase the airflow if needed.

Bill Spinuzzi got the tablet mounts installed in the shooting room for
the camera system.

Warren has almost finished the air inlet vent shut off.  He still may
need help in Finishing the target holder supports at the bottom.

Do any of you have a Go-pro camera we could use to record the rubber in
the box while we do test shots to see how it bounces? Also, if any of
you have a wind meter, we might try to measure the airflow in the tube?

We need to:

– Finish closing the door on the fan house and install a shutter on it and
a door sill and seals to keep the weather out.  Not a bit job but time

– Install a shelf for the power supply and router for the camera.

– Install a power box for the router and camera

– Locate and install the camera.

– Finish fabricating the mount for the errant bullet deflector for the
camera and install it.

– Install the hangers for the shovels and rake at the target box.

– Finish smoothing the dirt in the tube at the end of the concrete.

– Refurbish and add mounts for the 25 and 50 yard crutches.

– Refurbish the rifle racks at the  25 and 50 yard crutches.

– Clean up more of the loose soundproofing debris a the shooting end of
the tube.

– Work on Replacing the shooting door/hole panels and cleaning up the
sound baffles and securing all the loose wire and pieces.

– Install the hour meter for the fan.

– Add additional outlets in the shooting room for the tablets.

– Clean up and spruce up the shooting room.

– Do test shots and audio level recordings.  Also to see what we need to
plan on for taking care of the rubber for our new procedures.

– Lots of small stuff and not all may get done now.  And probably some I

We should be close to setting an opening day in the next couple
of weeks.  I don’t want to just do it and not have things done we could

I will be there at 08:00 Thursday, Friday and Saturday.  Please let me
know if you are going to be able to come and help.   I have family
commitments and will be packing and out of town ,  Sunday through Thursday.

David Burch

Author Since: Nov 14, 2014

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