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Rifle Tube Remodel – After the Storm

There is a pond between the shed and the club house.  It is too muddy to
work until at least Wednesday afternoon.  I will be at the club after
noon on Wednesday and before noon on Thursday to see how it is.

My priorities as soon as it warms up over 50 and stays there for a
while,  is to get the fan house ECOBOND primer sprayed  on and the top
coat of glossy paint sprayed on.  I will then get the beam secured for
the hoist and the hoist hung.

Next is to get the walls and ceiling of the target box washed and the
water sucked out so it can dry faster.  I will need someone to suit up
and do this for me.  I have suits in the vault with hoods and feet
included and gloves and respirators for all the washing and any
hazardous material removal in the tube for who ever does it.

We need to remove some more dirt from the target box, but it is just
dirt and not hazmat once we get the water out..  We can scatter it
around the field and fill some low spots.

David Burch

Author Since: Nov 14, 2014

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