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Rifle Tube Remodel – Day 3

MT2 has removed all the debris (600-800 pounds of lead & paper powder) and the fan and duct work from the rifle tube fan house.  They removed 36,000 pounds of dirt and debris from the backstop to fill three roll-offs.  They ran out of room (weight) for the roll-offs and still have some dirt to move.

The box has a dirt floor, so we have to concrete it first.  That will slow things down.  Who are good concrete persons?

MT2 also power washed the fan house.   I hope to get the target box power washed tonight or tomorrow morning depending on my energy and help.

We can seal the fan house and start the prime and paint tomorrow.  We will have to wait a day or two on the target box.

Our Rubber will hopefully make it in on Friday.

There is  a large 3/8 in thick plate hanging on the back wall.  It got warped by  what I guess was a .50 BMG hit or two.  It will interfere with the rubber support.  We need to remove it and either straighten it out (not much chance) or turn it over and drill new holes and reinstall it.  We need it in case someone does skip the rubber and hits really high.  It probably weighs 220+ pounds so will  need some strong minds.

It looks like it will be too cold and wet to do much outside or any paint Saturday and Sunday.  But we can get the dirt in the box moved and ready for the concrete.  We can get the plate moved.  Some one can suit up and clean the area under the chrono’s and sound baffles.  We can do lots of other small stuff.  I will be here Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday at 08:00  So show up if you can.

We can get the plans finalized for the fan box.–

David Burch


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