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Rifle Tube Remodel – Day 4

Thursday night update.  4/14/21016  Look for the update due to weather on Friday night and before you come on Saturday if you plan to do so.

We are behind my hoped schedule but doing OK.  It is all volunteer labor
from here on and most of us are over the age of 29 and not as fast as we
used to be.

Today Bill B. and one other helped me  got the fan house partially
caulked and one and one-half walls sealed on the inside.  The DryLock
sealant is soaking into the block wall and we used two gallons today for
abut 150 sq. ft.  I will get 5 gallons more Friday morning.  I hope to
get the rest of the cleaning, caulking and sealing done on Friday and
maybe the  coat of ECOBOND LBP primer on if I get some help.  I got the
spray nozzles for the ECOBOND.

We also got the beam for the hoist picked up by Curt Lackey and cut and
just stuffed in the ceiling.  I also hope to get it nailed down on
Friday.  Not a  hard job.  Just one of many.

We have not gotten the  ceiling and walls of the box washed yet.

It looks like the sky gremlins are going to do us in for most of the
weekend.  We will try for Saturday morning and I am not going to plan to
be there Sunday unless the storm goes completely away. Sunday is not a
work day on the Tube!

There is a normal work party scheduled for Saturday in addition to any
thing we can do with the tube.  But if the alarmist weather people are
correct, we will start getting heavy snow in the morning to noon time
Saturday and last through Sunday.

I will be there at 08:00 on Saturday, but if it starts snowing heavy we
will shut down and go home.

We have some indoor projects we can do Saturday.  If I can’t get someone
to get the box pressure washed on Friday, that is the biggest.  I have
hooded coveralls with booties for someone to wear and do it.  That way
we can let it start drying out.  Someone or ones can suit up and mask
up and clean the debris around the chronos.

The steel plate on the back wall is warped and too long.  If some one
has a torch with 20 ft hoses, we can put the bottles in the shed and
drop the hose down the hole and just cut it off in place without having
to move the 200# plus plate.  This needs to  happen before we start the
construction down there.

The Rubber was just shipped today from  Mira Loma, CA (east of Los
Angeles).  Should be an interesting trip for them through the
mountains.  We don’t know when it will get here for sure.

David Burch

Author Since: Nov 14, 2014

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