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Rifle Tube Remodel – Day 5

There is no reason for anyone to fight the weather;  I am canceling the work this weekend.  Stay home and beat the snow out of your trees so they don’t fall down.

I will be trying to do some stuff off and on this week.  If you want to
come and help, contact me to be sure I will be there as I have several
personal things i need to do on a couple of mornings..

The rubber is scheduled to be arriving at the tucking company yard today.
If he came over the mountains, I doubt it.  The dispatcher said they
would call me Monday to arrange delivery next week.

i had several helpers today and finished getting the fan house walls and
floors sealed, all the cracks and seams in the roof and floor sealed and
spacer foam installed in the roof to replace the removed insulation (to
keep the metal from acting like a drum).  It is ready to spray on the
ECOBOND LBP and top coat when it warms up.

David Burch

Author Since: Nov 14, 2014

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