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Rifle Tube Remodel – Resuming Work After the Storm

I dug a ditch yesterday and drained the CCGC lake by the shed.  We got
the fan house ECOBOND Primer on today.  I will put the top coat on it on
Friday and seal the outside concrete that leaks into the target box.

We got most of the target box pressure washed today except for the area
around the electric and lights which must be done by hand.  We had
plastic on the floor and sucked the water up with a shop vac so it is
not very muddy.

We have lots of stuff to do this weekend.  We could use a large fan or two if any of you have them to bring.  Not desk fans.

I will have the hoist up and running by tomorrow night.  We have some dirt
to move and lots of sealer and paint to do in the box.  I hope to get
the dirt done and the forms for the concrete done this weekend if

We also need to put the roof off the air inlet again and fix
the loose soundproofing and put in some screen wire.

I will be at the club at 08:00 Friday, Saturday and Sunday.

David Burch

Author Since: Nov 14, 2014

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