Rifle Tube – Reopens Saturday!

The rifle Tube opens Saturday morning, 7/23/2016.   Every tube shooting
member will have to either attend an orientation or read the new info
online and send me a message saying that they have read it to get their
badge turned back on for door access.

I will give in-person orientations Saturday and Sunday from 08:00 to
17:00 or so.   So if you come in person, I will sign you off. Otherwise,
it will be into next week before I can guarantee that I will have the
stuff posted online.

I am still working on the updated rules and policies for the tube
shooting  and getting help from the Bill’s, Bierbach and Spinuzzi.  I
have not had time to get a start on the signage yet either.

I have the camera bullet stop plate drilled and just need to make
hangers and get it up.  There is not much being done in the shooting
room except new signs and cleaning up.  We need to get the air cut-off
handle marked and pinned so everyone just does not play with it.

We still need to finish the target hanger.  We decided on setting up
the targets to hang 60 inch wide by 36 high cardboard.  This
leaves space to move between the stanchions to shovel the rubber.  It
works well with the camera with a 43 in wide by 30 inch high field of
view for the targets.

The camera system is in place and working fantastically.  Hack shooters
like me and probably most of the pro’s will love it.  We had to change
all the lamp holders for the target lights.  Between the white paint on
the walls and ceiling and the re-positioned and new lights, the targets
are really easy to see with both the camera and the scopes.  We have
fired .450 Bushmaster (Socom), .30-06, .308 and .223.  They all show up
great and, with the camera, you can really see the .223 in the black on
the targets now.

We videoed the rubber last night shooting a .223 and a .308.  It is
interesting to watch the rubber jump and bounce.  We will have to see
how much it moves and how fast to decide when we need to shovel.  As
much went up as went down.  It is a nine minute video for 10 shots and a
very big (1 GB) file.  I can show it to anyone at the club but am
looking for an edit program for MP4 files to just cut out that part.

We have done sound test at the fan house and from 100 yards; all are
less than 60 dB on the fire access road.  When we were doing the .450
shots, the two kids that road past me on bicycles were 66 dB.  I am
calling that good and will need some help to move the chemicals and
rubber in to the building.

I will be at the club this Thursday and Friday from 08:00 until after
lunch sometime, and  Saturday and Sunday, 08:00 to 17:00  If any of you
come in I will get the orientation quickly done for you.  You can also
critique it.  We will get badges turned on after next Monday (Bill Spinuzzi will be out of town)

Hope to see you this weekend.

Here is a video of the camera display doing a “Show Shot” of before and
after shooting 5 rounds of .308 that shows the rubber movement if you
are interested..

I will send out more info in the next day or so.

David Burch

Author Since: Nov 14, 2014

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