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Rifle Tube – Start of Week 3

I will be at the club to do some work and clean up on Monday, 4/25/2016
after 09:00. Warren and Jack will be there after lunch.

With the weather forecast, I am not planning on working on the tube
Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday.  I will be at the club Friday about
09:00 and all next weekend at 09:00.

But!  We need to get a cutting torch to cut off the 3/8 inch thick by 48
inch wide plate on the back wall.  If some one has one with O2 and
acetylene available some day or night this week, I will come in.  We
need to do this before we start the final construction of the rubber
support.  Or if you have one available this weekend it would be great.
Please let me know.

Our Rubber for the backstop and the fire preventative and lead control
chemicals got delivered on last Friday.  We got the rubber inside the
fence besides the fan house and the chemicals in the shed.

We got the fan house walls sealed on Friday, the 15th, but we had weather
that caused us to lose any work over the weekend.

The week of 4/18 has been slow due to the weather at the first of the
week.  We have gotten the walls and ceiling of the target box washed and
the water sucked out. The box is dry enough to seal with ECOBOND and then
paint when we get some volunteers to do so.  We have not had many show
up this weekend.  Thanks to those who did.

We got all the ceiling, walls and floor of the fan house ECOBOND primed
and a top coat of paint on.  We got the insulation installed in
the ceiling, and the hoist and hoist beam installed.  We have sealed the
outside stoop to prevent water intrusion into the target box.  We have
just a little more painting and sealing to do this week.  We used the hoist on Sunday, 4/24, to put stuff into the box and to lift the steel deflector plate off of its hanger.  Works great.

The floor of the target box is dirt.  We have to remove 1 to 1-1/2 yards
of clean dirt (not hazardous)  from the bottom in order to make
room to put concrete on 2/3 of the floor for the rubber. The back part
under the support does not need concrete. Lifting out the dirt and pouring concrete is going to slow us down, and needs a lot of physical labor.

We still anticipate a minimum of two weeks, and possibly four weeks or
more to finish all the work and installation of the floor and walkway
concrete, new backstop, and fan and filters.  We have a lot of tasks for
volunteers to do assisting on the tube project and other club
maintenance, if we get enough people, particularly the weekends of 4/30
and 5/7.  Feel free to help, even if you just want to take photos and
make runs to the lumber yard if needed.

We need help.  Only a few guys showed up several times in the last week
and only 3 or 4 each day of the weekend.

David Burch

Author Since: Nov 14, 2014

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