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Rifle Tube – Third Month of a One Month Project

Who would have thought we would be in the third month of a one month

We got the fan assembled, installed and tested today.   We have to
remove the fan again (we made it easy to do if just heavy) to get access
to finish the box and dump in the rubber and then put it back in and
seal the final duct panels. (a couple of hours). The Fan house is 95%
complete.  This fan really sucks.  (as in it moves lots of air)

IF we have a good day on Friday, we should be ready to dump in rubber by
the end of the day or early Saturday.  We have 8000 # or 160 each 50 #
bags to move on Saturday.  The more helpers we have, the faster it will
go. If we don’t get enough help, then I will try to hire some from the
food kitchen at the church from across the street.  I hope to have it
done this weekend.

Once the rubber is in, we will put the fan and filters in and have quite
a few little projects to finish up.  The target camera is in and we have
the display tablets to install this weekend.

Again.  HELP.  Please Let me know if you can come Friday, Saturday or
Sunday for the big finale if you have not already done so.

We are getting close to the end of the project.  Then we can start
fixing what needs changing and some of the other projects but the tube
will be open.

David Burch

Author Since: Nov 14, 2014

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