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Special Board Meeting Held – Officers Selected

logonew2An Executive Session of the CCGC Board of Directors was held at the Club last night to re-structure the Board for 2015.

The Board Officers were retained as a group – Jim Bailey, President; Jack Orischak, Vice-President; Mike Thomas, Secretary; and John Buglovsky, Treasurer. Mike Thomas will also continue to publish the newsletter and administer the website.

Other Board positions assumed include:
Gary Trisdale (Life Member) – Youth Activities
Tom DeHerrera (Emeritus Member) – Rifle Tube
Carlton Steubing (Emeritus Member) – Safety Program and Sergeant-at-Arms
Sandy Rudolph – Locker Manager
Other tasks were assigned to Board Members, as necessary. A list of those assignments will be published at a later date.

Although not Board Members, Pete Dickson has agreed to continue as Bookkeeper, and Bill Spinuzzi will perform the Membership Coordinator’s tasks, including member database, new memberships, facility access and security, and other jobs he performed so well with in 2014.

Maintenance will become a committee task, with Board supervision. Members who wish to volunteer for specific tasks will be able to recoup part of their membership fees. Pay attention to Potshots, the newsletter, and this space for availability of work projects and who to contact to be included.

You will be reminded again later, but the January meeting scheduled for Friday, January 9, will be a combined General-Board Meeting, as was November and December. The jury is still out on one or two meetings a month, as proposed in the December newsletter. Changing the meeting night from Friday to any other night appears to be a dead issue at this time.

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