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Along with your February issue of The Firing Line coming in your e-mail the next few days, you will receive a copy of the results from the Membership Survey you returned with your 2015 renewal.

In all, we received 317 back, and many of you had a lot to say. Some comments, as you will see, were similar and grouped with like comments, but others were unique enough to stand alone for everyone to read.

Without the Board having a chance to discuss the results (they received their copies yesterday), it’s hard to say what will come about as a result of the survey. Some questions confirmed what the Board’s thinking was, and a few brought up enough that the Board should review the responses in light of policies and by-laws.

Other comments, such as those dealing with the newsletter and the website, are of special interest to me and will be examined closely. As I tabulated the survey results in those areas, I began formulating some basic ideas I will share with you later.

Anytime a survey of a closed group such as CCGC yields 50%+ responses, there is little doubt about the validity of those responses. Discounting the usual survey errors – not completing BOTH pages of the survey, not answering ALL the questions, not making written responses in those areas set aside for such – many of you gave a lot of time and thought to the answers you provided.

Now that the Board is meeting with the membership once a month, it behooves each member to become even more involved with CCGC and its operation. You don’t have to be a Board Member to be an ACTIVE member; you simply have to attend meetings, read your e-mail, and visit the website once in a while to keep up with what is going on.

I hope I speak for the Board when I invite you to the next meeting, February 13,  and begin to participate in the discussion on how to make CCGC even better than we know it is now.

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