Welcome Your New Board of Directors

A small field of nominees for Board positions was elected by acclimation last night. As is usually the case with December meetings, all seats were full.

Officers include existing Board Members:

Gary Trisdale, President/Youth Programs
Jack Orischak, Vice-President
Mike Thomas, Secretary/Newsletter/Website
John Buglovsky, Treasurer

New Board Members and positions:

Dave Burch, Rifle Tube
Brett Denison, Safety Officer
Warren Johnston, Maintenance

Bill Spinuzzi will continue in his support role with membership, access, video system, etc.

Thank you’s all around for those agreeing to serve, as well as those who retired this year: Jim Bailey, Tom DeHerrera, Jack Priest, Sandy Rudolph, and Carlton Steubing.

The good news is that when we lose a lot of years of experience, we are able to replace it with a lot of years of experience. Welcome your new Board Members if you see them at the Club; they need your support!

Author Since: Nov 14, 2014

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