Cherry Creek Gun Club, Inc.




Cherry Creek Gun Club, Inc. (CCGC) is a private, members-only, shooting club operating 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. The facility offers twenty 25-yard indoor handgun shooting lanes, as well as a 100-yard indoor rifle tube. We do not offer any services to non-members, but we welcome new club members monthly - you will find information on joining on the Membership link.

A study of the CCGC membership shows that three communities provided the bulk of members to the club - Aurora, Denver, and Centennial. Highlands Ranch, Littleton and Parker are also well-represented, and several members come from other locations inside and outside the Denver metro area.


meeting room

CCGC is set up for the enjoyment of discplined and accurate fire, Bullseye shooting, and bowling pin shooting. Due to the solid concrete construction of the range, there is a chance of ricochet, so certain types of shooting are restricted for your safety and that of other shooters. Action shooting, moving while firing, shooting forward of the line, and any drawing or holster work is not allowed.

All of the facilities in the Club are handicap-accessible (with the exception of the rifle tube, which has a short staircase entry). The club is located in East Denver four blocks west of Havana St., between Mississippi Ave. on the north and Florida Ave. on the south.