New Release and Waiver Forms are Online

In line with the recently-passed policy allowing shooters under the age of 16 to shoot at the Club for free, you will notice new signage spelling out the procedures members need to follow to be in compliance. EVERYONE must have a signed release and waiver form on file, and the form must be signed and submitted whether you are shooting or not.

Adult guests of Club members must complete and sign the form, as well as wear the red tag that identifies them as a guest. Under-16 shooters must have a form signed by a parent or guardian, and also wear the red tag. Guests and visitors who are not shooting, but simply watching, must still complete the form and wear the tag.

The new form is now available online through the MEMBERSHIP link on the Main Menu on the front page of the website,

If you want to save time when you come to shoot, print out and complete the form beforehand and simply bring it with you. Drop all completed release/waiver forms in the slot in the vault door.

Get Super Chicken (Air Gun Silhouette Sunday)

Do you know what this is?

This is Super Chicken.  This chicken survived the entire last Silhouette met without a single hit. Not one hit!
Are you the person to take Super Chicken down?
Your chance is this weekend, Sunday, March 15th, from 9 AM till Noon on the West Range.
If you plan on attending, please let Bill Spinuzzi or myself know.  there is increased pressure to use the range.  If we know everyone who plans on attending has shot, we can close down early to let other club member use the range. In addition, if we know less than 6 or 8 people plan on attending, we can decide whether to hold the meet at all.
I’m sure Super Chicken would be very happy to go home once more un-hit. See you Sunday!
John Lee

ATF Backs Off on Ammo Ban….For Now!

NSSF-LogoATF announced today that it will not move forward with its proposed framework to ban commonplace 5.56 M855 “green tip” ammunition at this time while it reviews the record number (more than 80,000) comments it has received so far.

ATF will continue to accept comments through March 16. NSSF, as the trade association for the firearms industry, looks forward to engaging in a dialogue with ATF to address this issue that led to the now withdrawn proposal.

Our industry members hope to meet consumer demand in bringing alternative ammunition products to the market and to continue to sell the popular M855 rifle target ammunition. NSSF continues to strongly urge ATF to grant 32 long-pending petitions to exempt alternative rifle ammunition designed and intended for the hunting market.

Hunting 101 Seminars Scheduled for March and April

Several Hunting 101 seminars are coming up in March and April.
Big Game Applications- Learn how to apply before the April 7 deadline!
Turkey Hunting 101- Learn the basics and how to get started before the spring season!
Note there is a special Ladies Night Out for Big Game Apps and Turkey Hunting 101 as well.  Invite a friend.
Colorado Moose Hunting Basics- The seminar will cover information on hunt planning, a segment on “Share the Woods”, educational tips and discussion on moose habitat and biology.
To view the dates, times, locations, and to register, go to:

Legislative Hearing on Magazine Ban Rescheduled

Dudley Brown, Rocky Mountain Gun Owners, sends this not along for your action:

Good news. The hearing for Senate Bill 15-175 has been rescheduled!

Senate Bill 15-175 to repeal the “mag ban”, will be heard by the Senate Judiciary Committee on Monday, March 9, 2015 at 1:30 p.m. in Committee Room 271.

The original hearing was supposed to be this past Monday, but it was canceled due to snow.

Please mark your calendars, and plan on coming down to the Capitol to testify, if you can.

In the meantime, you can still contact the members of the Senate Judiciary Committee by clicking here and urge them to support the bill, SB15-173.

Some of You Missed a Good Meeting Friday Night!

If you weren’t at the Friday night monthly meeting, you missed a couple good discussions that will affect the Club over the long term.

More details will be available later this week after the final language is done, but the Guest Fee Policy in use at the Club will change somewhat. The $10 per guest fee will remain, but for ages 17 and over. Youth 16 and under will be allowed to shoot for free. Every guest will still sign the waiver form and wear the red tag for identification purposes. A member may bring up to four (4) guests, but may only use two (2) adjacent lanes at a time, , and must remain with the guests at all times.

Board-sponsored firearms training has been a point of discussion over a year and a half at the Club, and the first major step to see it become a reality took place Friday night. After several attempts to arrive at a policy that includes instructor qualifications and outlines course requirements, a vote occurred to create a committee to work with existing data to create a training program.

The weekly schedule at the Club is booked solid Monday-Thursday evenings with Bullseye, Pin Shooting, and Youth Shooting. Weekends are partially filled in each month with Hunter Education, Airguns, 2700 matches, and the like. What is lacking for most members, especially beginners and intermediates (and their families) is an organized training program offering skill improvement taught by competent, qualified professional instructors.

A few basic criteria the Board will eventually vote to approve will likely include the course instructor being a CCGC member of good standing, have valid certifcations in the course(s) they teach, and carry liability insurance that indemnifies CCGC if a problem should occur. Also important to Board Members is that courses be open to CCGC members and their immediate families on a priority basis,

You will see more about both of these issues in the coming weeks and months in this space, in the newsletter, Potshots, and elsewhere.

Also on the docket Friday night was the acceptance of six new CCGC members. They performed admirably at their Safety Orientation last week. Please welcome Patricia and Danyel McMaster (wife and son of member Jay McMaster), John Ivy (returning after a year away), Charles Lawson, Jennifer Kunugi, and Craig Schottenstein.


CCGC Member Has Hand in Editing Book on Gun Control


Kevin Kay, CCGC member, helped edit the book for an old friend, who “handed Piers Morgan his ass when he was on his show shortly after Newtown”. The author is an attorney and FFL (plus class 3 dealer). Kevin was an editor on the project and, much to his surprise, got a credit on the Amazon listing.

The Kindle Book is selling right now on Amazon for $9.99.