Rifle Tube – NEED HELP in the Homestretch

The Fire Dept. has approved the fire suppression system.  We can
now cover the trench and pour the concrete.  We have the concrete and
mixer on site and are ready to go.  I need help doing this.

We have all the boards cut for the duct work in the fan house. We have
all the walls with foam on them and 50% of the horizontal panels with
foam and tape on them.  We have to finish the cap and the other two
access panels with the frames and insulation to get ready to install
them.  I need help doing this.

We got the fan temporarily installed today for fit and function. We
found a 1-hp motor in the shed in a box marked 1-1/2 hp, so we are good

We are ready to fit the overhead deflector in the box and then put on
the top plywood and steel and start pouring rubber.  I need help doing this.

We need help.  We need help.

I will be there Saturday and Sunday at 08:00 as long as I can get
help.  Only one person has guaranteed that he will be there tomorrow and
only one maybe for Sunday.

Only a few members have shown up (about 22 out of 516); several of
them have on many days. (thanks to all of them). If you want to
shoot in the tube, come help us finish it please?

David Burch

Rifle Tube – Need a Smaller Fan Motor

We will be in on Sunday morning, 6/19,  at 08:00 to beat the heat if
anyone is going to come help on the rifle tube.

I had planned to use the 1-1/2 hp motor we have at the club on the
rifle tube exhaust fan.  I have reviewed the data and really feel that I
did not look at it correctly and that this is going to be way too much
motor, plus they are extremely heavy.  At some time, one of the members
said they had a 3/4 hp or a 1 hp 220vvolt motor we could use.  If any of
you do, please let me know ASAP or I will go get one this week.

We are have all the wood cut for the fan house and the cross-braces
installed.  We are starting to put in all the insulation and closing the
duct work on Sunday.  As soon as the fire dept. blesses the sprinkler,
we will pour the concrete and fill the trench.

I will plan to work next Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday (6/23
thru 6/26 coming in at 08:00 each day to beat the heat. Let me know if
you can come help.  We need a bunch to get the tube finished and reopened.

David Burch

Rifle Tube Update – Fire Protection In, Fan Ready To Fit

Arapahoe Fire Protection, Inc. got the sprinkler system installed
today Thursday).  We also got the signs on the fence.  We have  to get the
Cunningham Fire Dept. to approve the pipe and then we can cover it up
and pour the concrete at the stand pipe.  No schedule for that yet.

We got some more painting and caulking done and got the fan ready to fit
to the box.  We will really be on a path to completion this weekend
depending on how much help we get.  I will be there at 09:00 Friday,
Saturday and Sunday.  Please let me know if you are coming to Help?

David Burch

Rifle Tube Progressing Well

Ed. Note – this item may appear to be a bit dated at the time you read it. I have been at Cub Scout Day Camp all week and away from my computer, so now I’m catching up. To get the most up-to-date report on progress of the Tube, try to attend the Membership/Board Meeting this evening, 7:00 pm, at the Club.

We are awaiting the arrival of the fire department connection standpipe
at the installation company so they can start the install of the fire
system.  We do not have a schedule for this yet.  The moles have pushed
a lot of dirt into the trench that will have to be cleaned out to
install the pipe.  Once the fire system is installed, we have to pour
around the stand pipe connection.  We also need to prime and paint the
safety pipes that we will install into the concrete to keep people from
running over it.

We got the fan box installed this week end.  We need to get the inside
primed and painted.  We are ready to start the sound proofing and
installing all the duct work and the fan.  We will then remove the fan
and filters and set aside until we get the rubber installed.

Fan box W-filter supports and caulk (Medium)

The fan box #1 (Medium)

We are making lots of progress, but still a lot to go.

I will go out some time this week to shoot and also prime and paint the
inside of the fan box.  I plan to work Thursday, Friday (until noon due
to M.D. Appointment), Saturday and Sunday at 09:00 if anyone wants to
come help.  Please let me know if you are going to come?.  If no one
else comes, I am not going to do much.   If anyone wants to come in the
evenings this week, let me know and I will meet you there.

David Burch

Rifle Tube and New CCGC Pets (!?!)

We are on a roll with the Rifle Tube.  We have the holes drilled in the wall for the fire sprinkler pipe and the sump pump.  We have the sump pump installed and all the electric in the target box updated.  As soon as the sprinkler is installed, we can finish the backstop support and install the rubber.

We will start the fan house duct work and fan and filter installation the first weekend of June.  Here are photos of the target box with the debris deflector being test-fitted and the trench for the sprinkler  pipe and pad.  We hope to get done in the next few weeks.

Back wall and debris defledtor 1

Fire system stand pipe form

The fire system pipe trench 1

David Burch

PS – We have several bull snakes that live at the Cherry Creek Gun Club.  These are beneficial to the Club as they eat mice and some of the critters digging all the holes and tunnels.  Please leave them alone and don’t harm them if you see them.  Tell your guests to not try to harm them.

If you see them please insure that no one runs over them or steps on them.  Here is a picture from last Saturday of two happy bull snakes on the east side of the rifle tube making new bull snakes so you know what they look like.

Bull snake love 5-28-2016 a


Rifle Tube – Fire Suppression System

I had three really hard working guys with me today.  We got the holes in the wall drilled for the sump pump and fire suppression system.  They got the ditch for the pipe 80-85 % dug out.  But, the critters are working against us.  Look at the photos where one has half-filled a spot in the trench.

The holes in the wall 55-26-2016

I picked up the sump pump and plumbing today and hope to get it in on Friday.

I will be at the club at 09:00 Friday for all day. and 08:00 on Saturday and must leave at lunch.  I will not be back until next Friday Morning.

I have a ton and a half of pea gravel being delivered Friday afternoon to dump by the fan house fence.  This is to put in the trench with the fire system pipe when they put it in next week.  We will get the trench dug and not put it in until they are there with with the pipe hopefully next Friday.

The ditch #3 & critter stuff

The ditch #2 & critter stuff

I can use a helper or two next Friday (6/3) both days of the weekend.

We are going to start on the fan and filter and duct installation next.  As soon as we get it finished and the fire suppression installation in, we can put the cover on the backstop support and put the rubber in.

David Burch

Rifle Tube – Work Revolves Around Fire Sprinklers

This weekend, we got all the steel primed and vent holes drilled and
trimmed in it and the vertical vent pipes ready.  We got all the steel
into the hole and the wall stripes painted.  We had another good day and
Warren and Mark got the target holder bar and mounts installed.  We also
got the fan debris deflector changed to a  larger one and verified the
brackets will fit.  This will not be permanently installed until all the
rubber is in.

Arapahoe Fire Protection Co. came by and we finalized the plan for the
dry standpipe sprinkler system.  They are going to put us on the
schedule (hopefully) for next Friday, 6/3/2016, to put in the pipes and
heads.  We got the location for the holes for this and the sump pump in
the wall located.  We are very close to being ready to put the top
plywood, steel and baffles on the rubber support as soon as we get the
fire protection system installed. (They need access for ladders.)

The box 5-26-2016

We have to dig the ditch outside the west side of the box to 18
inches below grade; this means a hole on the side of the box about 2 ft
wide by 30 inches deep to get access to ground level, and then an 18 inch
deep by 6 inch trench from there to 2 ft. outside the  fence.  We have
to dig a 4 ft by 4 ft location for a 4 to 6 inch thick concrete pad at
this location.  In the center of this we have to have a 2 ft diameter by
2 ft deep hole to fill with pea gravel for the sprinkler system auto
drain.  We then need to put 6 inches of pea gravel in the bottom of the
trench for the pipe to sit on to the center of the pad.  After the fire
department approves the installation, we have to fill the pad with
concrete and cover the pipe with pea gravel and fill in the rest with dirt.

We are coming up on the holiday weekend and I have to go to Texas
for a funeral next week.  So here is the choppy plan – Warren Johnston
knows what we need for the digging and prep work also.

I will be there Thursday and Friday at 09:00.  I will be there on
Saturday from 08:00 to Lunch.  I  have to be out of town Saturday night and will not return until Thursday night, but will be a the club on  Friday morning 6/3/2016, when
the contractor shows up.

My priorities this week are to get the holes in the wall drilled and the
dirt dug out and pea gravel base installed before I leave to be ready
for the installation the following Friday.  I will rent a core drill and
work on the holes for the sprinkler and sump pump on Thursday.

We are ready to start the fan and duct installation in the fan house.
We need to get the fresh air cut off system installed and the inlet
building cleaned up.  We are on a roll at this point.

Please let me know if you can help on any of these days?  I will rent a
core drill for Thursday if I have a helper.

David Burch

Rifle Tube – WE NEED HELP!

We are in construction mode.

As of today, since the last message, we got the backstop plywood
cut and in the hole.  We got the backstop steel all drilled and a coat
of primer on one side.   We got the yellow paint stripe in the box to
show the proper rubber level.

On Saturday we need to prime the other side of all the steel  and we
also have to cut two corners off the upper pieces of steel or the
upper air vent tube installation and drill two holes in the upper shelf
steel for them.  We hope to get the red paint stripe in the box done.

We need help.  It is slow going with only one or two helpers each day.
We have lots to do to get all the small jobs done.

We have the fire protection company coming Monday to mark the hole for
the pipe and the hangers and the ditch.  Later this week we will need to
get the 3-inch holes in the wall drilled and the ditch done.   I will
need one or two highly-talented  earth specialists to dig the 17-ft long
ditch down the outside of the box and to the fence 18 inches
deep.  It will have to be done by hand.

I will be at the club on Saturday, Sunday and Monday at 09:00. If nobody
else shows up by 09:30 or has contacted me, I am going to the gun show
on Sunday.

David Burch

Rifle Tube – Light at the End of the Tunnel

We had two or three members show up to help each day Thursday, Friday,
Saturday, and Sunday.  I will not be there Monday, Tuesday or Wednesday
except to deliver the filters unless something really big comes up.  I
plan to be there to work on Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday at
09:00.  Please let me know if you can come help.

We have a 3-inch core hole saw for the concrete wall, but need an arbor
or the whole thing.  Anybody have one?  We also need it to drill the
hole for the sump pump and the fire suppression system.

We got the box covered with two coats of concrete sealer, and one
coat of ECOBOND Lead Barrier Primer by this afternoon.  I conned my wife
to exchange a trip to the Hamburger Stand for going in with me tonight
as my safety, and I got the final coat of white semi-gloss exterior paint
on all the walls and ceiling sprayed on and everything cleaned up at
21:30.  The only paint in the box left to do is the stripe on the wall
for the rubber level marking.

We got the frame for the backstop rubber support cut on Friday and
installed on Saturday.  We left one joist out so we can still use a
ladder there for putting stuff together, such as the back debris
deflector and the big debris deflector under the fan inlet We still have
to add 8 more supports on the back wall but they will only take a little
time to do.

Rubber Support Frame 20160515_093419 (Medium)

Mike Arnold got the baffles for the support bent and delivered.

We got the fan, shutter and hour meter on Friday.  I will go get the
primary filters on Monday or Tuesday.  We can start assembling the
filter holders and fan housing now and work on the duct in the fan house.

I met with the rep from Arapahoe Fire Protection on Friday to discuss
our dry sprinkler system.  We will have to drill a 3 inch hole in the
wall  for the pipe and dig a ditch from the wall of the box to the Fence.

We also need to replace the breaker box (antique and no space for another
breaker) and add a plug in the box for the sump pump. Then we can
install the sump pump once we get the hole in the wall drilled.

We need to install the shutoff for the air inlet in the tube.  We still
need to pull the roof off and clean the box and glue the insulation back
in place and install bug screens on it.

So we have lots left to do.  But there is light at the end of the tunnel
and, with the new paint, it is bright!

David Burch

Rifle Tube – Starting the Detail Work

I will be at the club on Thursday and Friday at 09:00 if anyone wants to
come in and help.  I could use someone to just be there to check on me
when I am painting to be sure I didn’t fall off a ladder even if they
can’t do any physical labor.

I will be there Saturday at 08:00 (also a maintenance party day) and at
09:00 on Sunday if anyone else is going to come in on Sunday. (let me
know?).  Monday also depends on what we get done on Sunday and if anyone
wants to come in and if I have any energy left.

I hope we can get the box painted by the weekend.

We have a representative of Arapahoe Fire Protection Co. coming to look
at the box on Friday about a deluge system with a dry standpipe.  He and
his boss shoot pins on Tuesday so that should be a help.  He understands
that we want to do all the work we can, such as putting the holes in the
wall and digging as needed.

We need to get the 3 inch dia. hole cut/drilled/chopped in the wall and
get the sump pump plumbed and installed.  I know some of you have core
drills so hopefully the hole will go easy.

After paint, We can get the front footer of the rubber support located,
the back header located and installed, and the wall joists installed.  We
will need to install lots of wall anchors on the sides and back, so we
need the tools and any spare anchors you have.  We can cut all the
joists and get them ready to install. We can get the three sheets of
the support top 3/4″ plywood and the one sheet cut and get them into the
hole and tunnel.

The top plate steel is on site.  We need the baffles drilled or punched
and then bent.  The sheets and baffles will be the last thing
installed before we dump in the rubber.

We hope to have the fan and at least some of the filters and the shutter
on site by the weekend.  This will allow us to start the fan house
design and manufacture.  The filter housing is the only part that will
be built of metal.

Lots to do and I am sure we won’t get near as much done as we want.  But
we now are in construction mode so we can start seeing an end at some time.

David Burch